Infinity Danger


Are you the best pilot in the galaxy? Prove it.


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Infinity Danger is a spaceship game where you have to face off against enemies that evolve and adapt themselves to your strategy in order to attack with the best weapons possible.

To fight against your enemies you're provided with an arsenal of seven weapons of mass destruction that you need to constantly keep firing. If you want to have a chance at survival, you have to be prepared to fire at anything that moves across the screen at any given moment.

At first, the game seems impossibly difficult, but once you get the hang of it, you'll realize that what seemed impossible at the beginning is only slightly challenging.

Visually, the game's graphics are stunning. Despite the small settings, there's a huge number of objects shown on the screen at all times: ships, shots, missiles, rays ... The screen is full of special effects.

Infinity Danger is a noteworthy spaceship arcade game that has a classic gameplay, modern graphics, and the same fun as always. The online leaderboards, additionally, are guaranteed to give you that extra motivation to keep playing.
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